10 things i hate about you quotes about dating

A nice guy is not comparing you to other girls - he's happy with the way YOU look. You're not a 200 lbs moutain of meat with prison tattoos and a mean look on your face, if you ask something of me that I'm not willing to give you, I won't hesitate to tell you that.

My appearance happens to be very important to me personally, and I try to look good for myself, and not others. But if you're trying to look totally perfect for a guy, stop.

I guess what I mean, or want to say Is I miss you dearly in every way. Your clit is dripping with juice and I take one final lick to clean it up.

I see you biting your lips, it’s a signal of your desire for me.

Think about it: if you can’t handle something simple like trimming your nails, what do you think she’ll assume about the rest of your personal hygiene? Plus, if you’re in a relationship And worse than being non-touchable: dry skin makes you look less attractive to her.…Because think about it like this: do you like when a girl has dry, flaking skin? It looks unattractive, and it’s another thing that makes her wonder if you’re actually able to take care of yourself. because it’s not something that women find attractive.

A lot of guys grow hair in the little space between their eyebrows… And to make matters worse: the unibrow distracts women from the rest of your handsome face.

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