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New fragrance by the house of Gucci, named Flora by Gucci, aims at young customers and it was inspired by a floral motive.

I'm a big fan of osmanthus and peony so this one was a no brainer for me. Non-offensive floral which is perhaps a bit too generic. The bottle is quite heavy and definitely has a luxury feel about it.

It's non complex, easy to wear, and lasts a good while. I expected to be hit with a floral bouquet a la Beautiful or Dior J'adore but it is woodsy and balmy. This has been sitting on my mother's vanity for awhile. One of my favourites that I go back to again and again There are floral notes here that I get a whiff of and I love them, but they are overpowered by the patchouli or some other non floral and that ruins it for me.

I get a very metallic vibe that adds to the citrus feel of the fragrance, but also makes the composition feel luxurious.I read reviews and the notes and knew I wouldn't like it but I tried it anyway. I do enjoy peony so that a saving grace for me but other than that, I can't tolerate it. The bottle just sits on my shelf and never gets used. I go to it every once in awhile hoping something will change.This smells like too tart and too sweet lemon lime soda pop. The floral notes lure me in and I have hope and then I spritz it and remember why I don't wear it.Flora is, after Gucci by Gucci, the second fragrance under creative leadership of the house of Giannini from Florence.The first one, Gucci by Gucci, is perfect for a powerful Gucci woman, while Flora is addressed at a sensual, young girl.

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