Arpi sex

“We have a patriarchal society, and people prefer boys to girls on the grounds that boys continue the family line,” Hayrapetyan said, citing the responses given in the survey.

Avagyan said the health ministry had discussed the issue many times with women’s groups, psychologists, the United Nations and other organisations, and it had looked at the experiences of other countries in combating sex-selective abortions.

The natural ratio is between 102 and 106 boys to every 100 girls.The most distorted figure was in Gegharkunik region, where the ratio was 124 to 100.“The fact that families prefer to have boys is a chronic problem that cannot be resolved immediately.”, skriver Linnéa Lindberg, kommunstyrelens ordförande i Åsele.Gills det om de springer till närmsta sjukhus för att till exempel göra en IVF?

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