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Because there already was a castle known as Boleslav near Prague, this new castle was named Mladá (young) to distinguish it from the older Boleslav, which became known in the 15th century as Stará Boleslav (Old Boleslav).The town received partial city rights in 13, becoming an important site on the road from Prague to northern Bohemia, Lusatia, and Brandenburg.Nowadays this 16th century building serves as a gallery and concert hall.The history of Mladá Boleslav’s Jewish community, first mentioned in 1471, is documented by the Jewish cemetery founded before 1584.In the 17th and 18th centuries, Mladá Boleslav (called Bumsla by Jews) was an important Jewish center.

The origins of Mladá Boleslav are linked to the Premyslid hill fort dating back to the mid 10th century.

Havel’s Place is a memorial dedicated to Václav Havel.

It comprises two chairs linked by a round table with a tree growing through its centre.

The local ice hockey team, BK Mladá Boleslav (Bruslařský klub), relegated in 2012 from the Extraliga, but quickly returned in 2014 and is set to participate in the 2014–15 Czech Extraliga season.

The installation of Havel’s Places is a worldwide project initiated by the Czech ambassador to the US, Petr Gandalovič, and the architect and designer Bořek Šípek. I have only one explanation: I’m constantly preparing for the last judgment, for the highest court from which nothing can be hidden…

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