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If you are up for a rich, complex, sophisticated drink rooted in history and tradition, and a palate that you are willing to mature, then perhaps scotch whisky is for you.

And besides, partaking in a bit of snobbery can be fun.

Single malt whiskies are considered to be the flagship upper echelon of the whisky world.

Their bottles invariably bear the names of their distilleries of origin and can be exotic appellations—Glenfiddich, Talisker, Glenmorangie, Ardbeg.

You could approach the bar, and confidently order a 30-year single malt.It is a Master Blender who concocts this too, and with a blend he or she would have even more to work with.Great blends can be enjoyed the same as a single malt.In a movie, whenever a bottle of the ‘really good stuff’ is called for, it would likely be a bottle of whisky.Probably rare and exorbitantly expensive, and someone will probably remark on its age.

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