Drew and justin bieber dating things do dating couples

So, as long as everyone’s happy with their (rumoured) new partners, everything should be good between all parties, right?Time will tell, but you can bet we’ll be here to witness it all.These two love birds picked up their stuff and left L. Earlier this month, we learned that these two seem to be going strong despite the fact that they’ll be going their separate ways for the holidays.

VIDEO: ' X Factor's' Simon Cowell on Cutting Melanie Amaro: ' I Royally Screwed Up' After the episode, Drew was still pinching herself, telling the that until she saw Bieber in the flesh, no amount of web rumors would suffice.

“It’s amazing how, for some reason, people on the internet and on Twitter and Facebook find out stuff before I do,” she exclaimed.

“They were talking about Justin Bieber for the longest time and I was, like, ‘He's not gonna be there.’ Then, I walk in the room and Scooter [Braun, Bieber’s manager] is saying, ‘You're gonna be singing with Justin.’ A few minutes later, I literally get on stage and I'm hugging Justin Bieber. ” After fantasizing about him for so long, was he in real life what Drew imagined?

And considering how petty Justin has been towards The Weeknd in the past (he joked “Starboy” was his fave song on Instagram Live, then later told be sweet, sweet payback for Abel to date Yovanna.

However, if you think this is affecting Selena and The Weeknd post-breakup, it hasn’t… The two are still following each other on Instagram, and Gomez even liked one of Tesfaye’s posts after their split.

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