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This is a case of vendor lock-in, but does give SVN an advantage.

There are two major functions that I needed in my post-commit script: There are an abundant of examples showing off how to do this in various *nix flavors, but I couldn't find any good Windows-based solutions that didn't require Perl to be installed on the server.

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Generally, Subversion's interface to a particular feature is similar to CVS's, except where there's a compelling reason to do otherwise.

Actually, it turns out that we can use these properties in Kepler to place a dependency on the pt II svn tree so that when a user checks out the kepler svn tree, they can automatically check out the pt II svn tree.

The code is structured as a set of modules with well-defined interfaces, designed to be called by other applications.

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@ECHO OFF REM ************************************************************* REM * this sets the arguments supplied by Subversion * REM ************************************************************* SET REPOS=%1 SET REV=%2 REM ************************************************************* REM * define directory paths * REM * you *must* add any paths for command line tools you plan * REM * since SVN does not include the Windows %PATH% environment * REM * variable for security reasons.* REM * * REM * DIR - the current hooks directory * REM * PATH - a user set path of where executables are located * REM * * REM ************************************************************* SET DIR=%REPOS%/hooks REM ************************************************************* REM * make sure to add the path to the Send Email executable * REM ************************************************************* SET PATH=%PATH%;%DIR%; C:\Utils REM ************************************************************* REM * define the path to the working copy of your code * REM * * REM * the default working_copy folder would be: * REM * file:///%REPOS% * REM ************************************************************* SET WORKING_COPY=c:\path\to\working\copy REM ************************************************************* REM * define e-mail parameters * REM ************************************************************* SET SITENAME=My Code Base SET SMTP_SERVER=smtp.

SET [email protected] [email protected] SUBJECT=SVN Update - %SITENAME% - rev %REV% - %REPOS% REM ************************************************************* REM * update the local working copy * REM * this will sync the new changes to your servers copy * REM ************************************************************* svn update %WORKING_COPY% REM ************************************************************* REM * generate the header to use for the e-mail message * REM ************************************************************* ECHO The following changes were made to the code: %DIR%/REM ************************************************************* REM * dump the log of changes to the e-mail message * REM ************************************************************* svn log %WORKING_COPY% -v -r "%REV%" %DIR%/REM ************************************************************* REM * dump the diff changes to the e-mail message * REM * * REM * WARNING: Generates tons of output * REM * * REM * NOTE: this is optional, you can remove this information * REM * if you do not want a verbose message of changes * REM ************************************************************* svn diff %WORKING_COPY% -c "%REV%" --no-diff-deleted %DIR%/REM ************************************************************* REM * send the e-mail message to the user * REM * * REM * NOTE: to create a Send file, append: * REM * * REM * -l %DIR%/Send * REM * * REM * at the end of the line below.

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