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When a parent becomes disabled or dies, we have programs and benefits to help secure the family’s financial future.

One tries to trade on her fading fame (she was in a series that was canceled a few years ago) and the other is uncomfortable with the celebrity-filled world she's lived in her whole life.

(At least, that's what was going on in the pilot.)It's a cute show, and has some funny moments. But it's no where near the level of a sharp Hollywood satire like The Larry Sanders Show or a silly mocking of the life like So Notorious or Grosse Pointe.

They are also referred to as rope bridges due to their historical origin based on the ancient Inca rope bridge.

Men would mix cement and haul river gravel and timbers from local farms.

Come explore the beautiful Appalachian mountains, Daniel Boone National Forest and the Bert T. In some remote areas of Clay County, this is still true today.

These suspension footbridges are often called swinging bridges because the bridge sways beneath your feet as you walk across.

Between these two NPS preserves is the BLM-controlled Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, a large region of many more ravines and mesas, crossed by a few paved roads, and containing thousands of ancient sites, nearly all of which are unmarked and undeveloped.

New Mexico contains seven ancient sites managed by the NPS, all quite different from each other and all in the western half of the state: In Utah, the NPS manages Hovenweep - a relatively little visited national monument extending across into Colorado, plus the Horseshoe Canyon unit of Canyonlands National Park, featuring particularly fine examples of pictographs.

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