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This is why we have to come back to nature, eat natural food, live in natural homes, and basically become Natural people again - for by the image, its drugs, the artificial food and medicines, the toys, technology, media, the materialism, the policies, the WORLD ORDER etc.human is caught in a web and the image can only keep unconscious humans in its web.

(Dark cannot persist where there is light) You can see a very real and disturbing manifestation of this IMAGE for humans when you watch the Video - 'Birth as we know it' on this site - and see and feel the difference between a natural birth and a c-section birth by doctors in masks with implements...

This is one of my favourite clips , not the most informative at all but the realness makes me hairs stand up. v=Np Fu_b Ykomc This is a documentary that will explain it all, it's a must see, answers a lot of questions as to why the world is the way it is. docid=4583630379439989634 or there's many forums like -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply by Kali Neilson Well Kev.. this NWO is just a continuation of what has been going on for thousands of years and is nothing new. To me this is all archaic now and a thing of the past when humans learned not to give their precious energy away to images..

I understand you and I send you the brightest thoughts and the warmest hug you can imagine. The only reason the energy has been available to perpetuate this illusion is that our ancestors made a mistake in the past (as Anastasia explains) and now we are remedying the situation by NOT GIVING IT ANY ENERGY.

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To learn more about these fantastic, brilliant books please go here: The Ringing Cedars By Vladimir Megre: Last Updated 19th May 2009 12.27am The New World Order Posted by Kev Carsick on at am Have you lot heard of this term? Its basically a plan by those in power to depopulate the earth by at least 80% and gain complete control over the future. A lot of you reading this MUST all ready know of this, its hard to miss among our side of society, so many are crying out to get the people to listen.But I give it none of my energy - and very purposefully too..." you shall have none of my divine thoughts and moments for your game" and "I see you and your suffering and one day you shall awake too." And "you are also loved as I am and you are my brothers and sisters." By our consciously chosen thoughts of...This is as graphic as it can get and as close to 'home' as is humanly possible.What SANE human would choose this entry to the world?

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