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We will train your pup to listen and prepare him or her for your family.We also strive to create the happiest, and most completely unique experience for you as you search for your new family member.People saw what great, little hunters they were after rats in the barn, gophers and badgers.With so few here in the US, people interbred them with the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Fell Terrier, which increased the hyper and aggressiveness in the American Parson JRT.Your family's happiness is our goal and we want your experience to be truly wonderful and a happy time in your life to remember fondly for years to come., who now lives in MA. We are breeding just Irish and a few English bloodline JRT's.Thirty years ago we got away from the old style 'hyper-aggressive' jacks which have had a bad rap from the American line inbreeding for aggressiveness for the show ring here in the states.

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If the food is not heated up enough to kill bacteria- how about parasites and Protozoa?

We're sticking with Life's Abundance - its never been on any recall and they have their own machines, they slow bake and do not cook with high heat. The only ingredients in Life's Abundance are chicken, fish, vitamins, vegetables and probiotics. The expanded recall now includes all dry pet food products and treats with expiration dates prior to and including March 24, 2014..

Petsit USA reports that Science Diet has just acquired a patent for its process of adding plastic to pet food, a deadly, unnatural ingredient which increases the corporation’s profit at the expense of pets (Science Diet has recently acquired a patent to use polyethylene in their products.

Newest results of safety tests on random pet foods: 4 previously thought of as safe, previously well-regarded name brands. Everyone was shocked to see the big names like Royal Canin, Blue and Wellness.

We expected the low ends, Purina and Pedigree, to be poor but were shocked to see just how truly bad these were with toxins, molds, plastics, yuk! Natura Pet Products has announced it is voluntarily expanding the March 29, 2013 recall of dry pet foods because they may be contaminated with Salmonella.

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