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Therefore, a mesh roof is recommended in pens to limit injury if they do literally 'hit the roof.' In the open, quail are easy enough to catch if they escape from your grasp but in a bush setting the task is harder.

Cages for this type of poultry are widely accepted in a humane sense because quail actually like small spaces.

The females don't usually fight so they can be moved around a little easier, if required.

It's important to house quail in a protective environment as their size and grounded nature make them easy and preferred targets for predators.

There are several different variants of common quail but mostly all are cosmetic with colour differences and some examples are: the Texas A&M – a white feathered bird especially bred by the American university with the same name (acclaimed by some to be the best eating); the Italian – a smoky grey feathered bird; the Tuxedo – a dark winged and white chested bird; and the jumbo coturnix - the most common with brown feathers, some black stripes and spots making them fantastically difficult to see in scrub-land.

The bird can only fly a short distance, 10 metres maximum, before it needs a rest and if it is startled the bird often shoots several feet straight into the air like a rocket.

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