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The robo legs assist the child's knees and hip joints by using battery power to help the child propel themselves forward He said this is akin to moon-walking, adding that the system can be adjusted so the child is fully suspended (walking in the air) or fully weight-bearing (taking all of his/her weight on their legs).'Our vision is that this device can provide not only therapeutic benefits, which have been documented via other robotic platforms, but also provide mobility, allowing a child to walk around rather than using a wheelchair,' Maggu.

Being constrained to a wheelchair can lead to even more health complications, including blood clots, muscle degradation, and kidney failure.

Another new animal for the revival was a robot dog for Cogwell named These episodes aired in syndication, which generated the same level of success as the originals when they went in that direction.

A Canadian startup has developed a device that allows children with disabilities to walk.

Venus is one of the leading brands of water heaters in India and stands for Quality, Reliability and Performance.

Attached to the walker and strapped onto the child's own legs, the robo legs assist the child's knees and hip joints by using battery power to help the child propel themselves forward. Tréxō can be used indoors and outdoors on any surface you would use a wheelchair, but it isn't currently suited for navigating stairs.

There's a software approach as well - it comes with a tablet that allows a physiotherapist or parent to track progress and adjust the parameters (such as the assistive force on each joint) as the child gains strength.

If she's lucky, she can even wind up dating a celebrity, like her favorite rock star is the Jetsons' genius son who attends Little Dipper Elementary School and is a straight-A student.

He's a part-time inventor and can make new creations in hope to make a better future, and if fortunate, a little money on the side.

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    Building a new terminal complex is a massive undertaking, but the end result will be well worth the effort. To ensure the security of airline passengers and the nation’s airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is implementing new, stronger screening procedures for carry-on items that require travelers to place all electronics larger than a cell phone in bins for X-ray screening in standard lanes. Terminal Drive leading into the airport has been diverted for the next eight months.