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Paul include an audio tape of the hearing held at the state capitol on April 25, 1990.

Although the collection has been divided into eight sections, there is an overlap of activities and a complete examination of a topic may require the researcher to review more than one section.

Newsletters and printed materials can be found in Set 1, Set 2, and the Publications and Printed Materials. In 1988 the Council became independent and assumed responsibility for its overall goals and objectives.

GLCAC was created in 1986 in response to the closing of the Lesbian and Gay Community Services of Minneapolis, the Twin Cities' most comprehensive mental health/community service agency for gay men and lesbians. Leo Treadway was one of the Council's first members.

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Treadway, a mental health counselor, religious layworker, and gay rights activist, has been involved with most of the social, political, philanthropic, religious and educational organizations serving the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) community of Minneapolis and St. Leo Eldon Treadway was born August 18, 1943 in Oklahoma. Ed degree in Counseling and Student Personnel Administration (1970) from the University of Delaware. D in Counseling and Counsellor Education from Purdue University and worked at the Crisis Center in Lafayette, Indiana, and as the executive director of the Open Door Crisis Center in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

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