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I have a large window I sometimes gaze thru that looks over acres of berry fields. Not any that would have list those type of feathers.

I thought, wow how pretty and uh oh…is going to die?1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣ I think around 2 weeks ago it has increased more from different channel, my phone, my clock, my laptop, my watch and even my gym room locker key has been number 1⃣1⃣. Thank you so much for letting me share this with you 👼🏻 Reply I’d like to start by stating I’m an extreme skeptic and an Atheist but I cannot ignore these feathers any longer so I’ve sought out the internet for some kind of explanation.I have loosely been aware of this white feather phenomenon and over the years each time I see white feathers it means death.Two days ago, I was called by my neighbour/friend to take her to the hospital as she wasn’t feeling well. After arriving I recognised what I thought was the beginning of a heart attack…sure enough…my luck or not…I did wonder at the time, and certainly felt afraid that she may die with me due to her severe symptoms…- reiki hands and prayer upon her and all that I knew…calm voice, call the ambulance and be in the moment…

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