Query based insertion or updating of blob values Sex chat for free without sign up

mysqldump uses that statement, so if a table with SPATIAL indexes containing prefixed columns is dumped and reloaded, the index is created with no prefixes.

(The full column width of each column is indexed.) (Bug#26794) - The output of mysql --xml and mysqldump --xml now includes a valid XML namespace.

query based insertion or updating of blob values-36

(Bug#27021) - NDB Cluster: On Solaris, the value of an NDB table column declared as BIT(33) was always displayed as 0.An error now is thrown for such queries if the ANSI SQL mode is enabled.(Bug#27348) - To satisfy different user requirements, we provide several servers.The fix for this bug solves the problem by disabling this optimization for a given update or delete if the table has an AFTER trigger defined for this operation.(Bug#26242) - NDB Cluster: Condition pushdown did not work with prepared statements.

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