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Therefore, it is best to begin with these fundamental disaster items to meet your basic needs: food, water, clothing and shelter and then add more preparedness layers onto this initial foundation.However, many decide to expand their disaster supplies to encompass a longer duration so that if a delayed emergency response occurs, it has little effect on them.Conway Yee’s family went through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and were without power or their well water supply for a week.

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Your initial line of defense would be the two week supply of bottled water that is recommended, but because this need is your top priority, it is highly recommended that you get a water filtration system like the Katadyn water filter or a Berkey Filtration System.The best way to begin assessing what your needs are is by reading and researching the disaster you are planning to survive.Ready Nutrition has an immense amount of articles pertaining to specific disasters, so do a search and start your research.The way I started was by writing down all the main categories I needed to plan for. Short-Term List of Needs for Sheltering in Place for Two-Weeks After a Hurricane Many of the items that often disappear as a result of a disaster are items that protect your basic needs.While a popular prepper adage is to prepare with the 3 B’s: beans, bullets, and band-aids, there are more concepts to consider.

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