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Both men struck out in bravely original directions with their chosen strips, Schulz by reflecting 1950s Americas growing obsession with psycho-analysis, and Smythe by offering a brutal kitchen-sink realism many years before British film or television plucked up the courage to do so.

beats Andy on any measure you care to take, whether that be creators tenure, syndication reach, total readership, merchandising income, international sales or adaptions in other media.

That gives Chic a 43-year tenure, edging out Smythes 41, and Blondie a total lifespan to date of 82 years against Andys 55.

The 47 countries where Blondie runs and 35 languages its been translated into are equally impressive.

Garfield, Peanuts and Blondie all claim over 2,000 titles worldwide, and Hagar The Horrible is close behind with 1,900.known as Tuffa Viktor in Sweden, Charlie Kappl in Austria and and Willi Wacker in Germany, where FC Nuremberg fans have made him their mascot.In every nation, readers greet him as one of their own, as a 1960s editorial in Istanbuls have published over 4,000 new Andy Capp strips of their own since 1998, continue to enjoy a global syndication of over 1,500 titles and are currently discussing plans for an animated series on British TV.Of these strips, though, neither Hagar nor Garfield can boast anything like Andys longevity, Hagar having so far racked up only 39 years and Garfield just 34.If we restrict the field to strips drawn by their original creator, Hagar drops still further out of contention, as Dik Browne died and was replaced by his son after only 16 years on the strip.

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