Sphinx carbon dating

Now, however, recent discoveries in Turkey could upset some of the most basic premises in the conventional timeline for the rise of civilization—providing clear artifactual testimony of ancient ad­vancement 12,000 years ago. Second, there has been a recent attack on my dating of the Great Sphinx.Here now, in an Atlantis Rising exclusive, Robert Schoch looks once again at the case for a much older Great Sphinx and the new corroboration to be found in the ruins recently unearthed at Göbekli Tepe.—Editor Based on my geological and seismic analyses, utilizing weathering and erosion patterns correlated with the paleo­climatology and subsurface features, the Great Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, goes back thousands of years earlier than the traditional Egyptological date of circa 2500 BC. This forced me to re-evaluate my analysis, and led me to conclude that, if anything, I may have underestimated the age. The body of the Sphinx sits largely below ground level, in an area that is commonly referred to as the Sphinx En­closure or the Sphinx pit.

The cover story of that issue, “Breaking the Si­lence,” featured an interview with John Anthony West on the re-dating of the Great Sphinx.

Vultures in particular may represent birds that carried away the dead, and human bones found in association with Göbekli Tepe have been suggested as in­dications of a death cult. Göbekli Tepe has been hailed in some circles as figuratively, if not literally, the Biblical Garden of Eden.

Some of the human bones appear to have been unburied, perhaps left to be scavenged by wild animals as was done in various later cultures (Tibet is an example). Like the fabled Eden, it lies between the northern portions of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

West and his colleague, Boston University geologist, Dr.

Robert Schoch, had looked at the evidence of water weathering on the Sphinx and its surroundings and produced a powerful geological case that the monument must be, at a minimum, 7,000 years old, and is probably much older.

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