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Listening for location updates can come at the cost of battery life on a device if you use it too much, so it's important to be conscious of this in your apps to avoid draining the user's battery when you don't need to.

Every i OS device has the ability to determine where in the world it is, using a framework called Core Location.

Install the Nu Get packages for Microsoft HTTP Client Libraries and Microsoft Async into the portable library.

Next, add a new class called Location Info, which will be a simple data object to hold the user's coordinates: Because each platform needs to provide its own implementation for getting the user's location, the portable library will provide a simple abstraction against which to work.

All of these and others are now permitted and compatible for use in Xamarin applications, and can easily be added right through Nu Get.

To demonstrate how to write a PCL that can be used across multiple platforms, I'll build a small app that uses the user's current location to fetch a description of the weather there.

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To get started, create a new Hello World i OS app called Weather Appi OS, and add a reference to Weather Core.

Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) were introduced recently to help make sharing code across platforms simpler, and now they're supported in Xamarin applications as well.

With a PCL, you select the platforms you wish to target with the library and are restricted to just the APIs that are available across all of them.

In short, any device with at least a 3G data connection also contains a GPS unit.

GPS reads microwave signals from multiple satellites to determine the current location.

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