Turn offs when dating

There’s nothing worse for a man than talking about something he loves and having a woman just nod along, eyes glazed over, as though she couldn’t really care less. Mentioning your enormous neurosis and insecure feelings about your body – yes, they may all be a part of you, but this is a guy you’ve just met.And if you don’t care AT ALL about listening to what he likes, you probably shouldn’t be dating him! Chances are he doesn’t need to know ANY of your deepest problems right now. But resist the temptation to talk about things that scream, “emotional baggage”.

Be warned: a man who fusses about the small stuff, or is too serious about life, may be unconsciously turning off potential dates.If you want him to call you after, make sure you avoid these: He asks what you’re passionate about…you say, “Not sure.” He asks about your work, and you give him a one-line answer, “I’m a sales manager”. Far from thinking you’re a “cool girl” or “one of the guys”, a high value guy with class will more likely just make a mental note not to arrange a date with you anywhere nice. But seeing you’ve made an effort in your appearance matters to him.He tries to see if you have any hobbies, and you say, “Err…I watch Netflix”. Whether it’s turning up to a bar in sneakers and jeans, or looking like you stuffed your hair in a ponytail and didn’t put any make-up on, guys are more keenly aware of these details than women think.Good dating advice here is to keep things fun – stay off gloomy topics like break-ups and work gripes, and she’ll enjoy your company a lot more.Women are turned on by confidence, and turned off by a lack of it.

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