Updating deployment share and boot disk

Dell’s implementation of the Skylake Chipsets into its new desktops may be its first attempt to move on from Windows 7 for good. It will be located under Deployment Share\Boot folder as iso. This may need to be done on multiple servers if there are multiple offices.

Most of Dell’s newer Desktops have these processors.

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Once the image process seemed to be underway, or at least making more progress than it had before, it would again get stuck in a reboot loop. Confirm the model is under the ‘Compatible Systems’ tab.

You will need to do this every time you make some changes to the image, add/remove applications within MDT 2013 so it will be updated.

After importing the Operating system and updating the Deployment share, you will need to configure and add the necessary Win Pe (Lite Touch PE) images to WDS.

We have discovered yet another reason to leave Windows 7 behind.

New hardware—which is better, faster, and stronger—is not able to support Windows 7 without customizations. Rename the step to Inject Drivers Dell Optiplex 7040.

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