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Things change fast at MSFT, so there could be other virtual labs that pop up quickly, I’d check their site often.I did find several labs on different new features in 2016, and I’d expect more to come as it gets released. asked: "Are they doing the flow thing like Power BI... " Answer: If I understand your question properly, they are allowing you to set the tiles up for the various form factors (Desktop, Tablet, and Phone). " Answer: Mobile Reports are delivered via browsers connected to the Report Server. Can you aggregate Group variables in SSRS 2016, e.g., Sum all subgroup variables at the parent group?

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Also we had to pull the data from a database running on another box which means the data processing will be impacted by the network round-tripping overhead.As an impression of processing a single partition on a server running SSAS 2012 and SQL 2012 side by side using the SQL Server Native Client: the % processor time of the SSAS process (MSMDSRV.exe) is at 100% flatline. There is an area where we will find a lot of quick wins; lets try if we can move data from A (the SQL Server) to B (the Analysis Server) faster.Does this mean we reached maximum processing capacity? Max’ing out with a flatline on a 100% load == a single CPU may look like we are limited by a hardware bottleneck.With a few simple but effective tricks for tuning the basics and a methodology on how to check upon the effective workload processed by Analysis Server you will see there’s a lot to gain!If you take the time to optimize the basic throughput, your cubes will process faster and I’m sure, one day, your end-users will be thankful!

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