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Then, there's the BFPO postcodes, which are now changing to a more standard format. Lastly, there's the overseas territories ---------- ---------------------------------------------- | Postcode | Location | ---------- ---------------------------------------------- | AI-2640 | Anguilla | | ASCN 1ZZ | Ascension Island | | STHL 1ZZ | Saint Helena | | TDCU 1ZZ | Tristan da Cunha | | BBND 1ZZ | British Indian Ocean Territory | | BIQQ 1ZZ | British Antarctic Territory | | FIQQ 1ZZ | Falkland Islands | | GX11 1AA | Gibraltar | | PCRN 1ZZ | Pitcairn Islands | | SIQQ 1ZZ | South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands | | TKCA 1ZZ | Turks and Caicos Islands | ---------- ---------------------------------------------- Next, you have to take into account that the UK "exported" its postcode system to many places in the world.

Anything that validates a "UK" postcode will also validate the postcodes of a number of other countries.

If you want to I had a look into some of the answers above and I'd recommend against using the pattern from @Dan's answer (c.

Dec 15 '10), since it incorrectly flags almost 0.4% of valid postcodes as invalid, while the others do not. \d$' # =Isn't this what I say in my answer and if you're going down the disproof route you should probably do them all, and keep it updated if someone changes their answer? I think it adds to the discussion to point out that most of these patterns don't exclude any of the CPO codes, but that the most upvoted (valid regex) answer does.

[A-Za-z])))) [0-9][A-Za-z])$ from: https://uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/359448/4__Bulk_Data_Transfer_-_additional_validation_The document also explains the logic behind it. The regex and some simple postcode checking PHP code is posted below.

However, it has an error (bolded) and also allows lower case, which although legal is not usual, so amended version: I found this the most readable answer, although it only looks for form of a postcode, rather than actual valid codes as per the solutions which take the info from the website, but that's good enough for my use case. NOTE:- It allows for lower or uppercase postcodes and the GIR 0AA anomaly but to deal with the, more than likely, presence of a space in the middle of an entered postcode it also makes use of a simple str_replace to remove the space before testing against the regex.

I finally found one that validates with all, using the new regex provided by the government: https://uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/413338/Bulk_Data_Transfer_-_additional_validation_valid_from_March_2015It isn't in any of the previous answers so I post it here in case they take the link down: An old post but still pretty high in google results so thought I'd update. [0-9][a-z‌​A-Z]) I've been looking for a UK postcode regex for the last day or so and stumbled on this thread.

After some research, we've found some more information.I contacted Royal Mail directly to clear it up and in their own words "A letter in the 4th position of the Outward Code with the format AANA NAA has no exceptions and the 3rd position exceptions apply only to the last letter of the Outward Code with the format ANA NAA." Straight from the horse's mouth!I can't give you a specific postcode (without having access to the full PAF list) but postcodes with the format ANA NAA would potentially fail as the letters P and Q are allowed in the 3rd position and postcodes with the format AANA NAA would potentially also fail as the 4th position allows all letters (the regex given in the accepted answer above does not account for either of these).Apparently a page on 'uk' points you to a postcode specification govtalk-postcodes.This points to an XML schema at XML Schema which provides a 'pseudo regex' statement of the postcode rules.

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