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With the advent of the computer age, writers still don't quite know how to work Cell Phones into a story.

It used to be all you had to do for a survival adventure story was plop a bunch of people away from electricity to completely strand them at the mercy of wild animals/serial killers/zombies—but cell phones are making that harder and harder for writers to do believably.

A sub-trope of Plot-Sensitive Items, and see also The Radio Dies First for this trope applied to military or naval communications.

Futuristic communications not working have a Phlebotinum Breakdown.

Often watching older sitcoms, from the early days of cellphone use ('80s'90s), the time of the cellphone's primitive ancestor, the car phone ('60s'70s) and the days when mobile phones were not available ('50s and before—early mobile phones existed as far back as The '40s, but were not available for civilian use) you may suffer many a facepalm as you count how many situations could have been prevented with just having a cellphone (Larry David and others have commented on how prevalent this is in —the plots of almost half of the episodes in the series simply wouldn't work if the characters had cell phones). The period the work is set in or created in, the lifestyle of the characters involved, as well as the setting have a major influence over when this trope applies.

A rich character living in a major metropolitan area could reasonably expect to have a cell phone on their person (and coverage in the metropolitan area) by the early '90s or so.

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